Omaha “DEVO” (short for development) is a non-profit partnership with T.H.O.R. (Trails Have Our Respect) and local volunteers who are dedicated to introducing, teaching and developing kids 5-18 years of age in the lifelong sport of mountain biking.

Omaha DEVO riders are initially organized by age. Later, the riders will be assessed and rearranged into groups based on skill and progression. We also host “All DEVO” rides throughout the program, where families are invited to join the kids on the trails. This is a great opportunity for kids to show off their new skills, and maybe even teach mom or dad something new!

Your child(ren) will need a bicycle, helmet, closed-toe shoes and the only other thing we highly recommend is some sort of hydration pack like a Camelbak. Most kid bikes are too small to hold a water bottle cage and the kids get pretty thirsty. We will have water available on site for those who forget or need a refill.

We ask that all registered riders have the ability to ride his or her bicycle unassisted and our number one rule after having fun on the dirt is NO RIDING IN THE PARKING LOTS at drop off or pick up.